acylated ghrelin

Acylated Ghrelin

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Acylated Ghrelin Assays
Reference Acylated Ghrelin A05106

Acylated Ghrelin data

Stability 18 Months
Storage -20°C
Shipping Dry ice
Specificity Hulan acylated ghrelin: 100%
Rat acylated ghrelin: 118%
Human & Rat ghrelin (Des-Octanyol-Ser3): <0.001%
Human Ghrelin (1-14): <0.001%
Rat Ghrelin (1-11): <0.001%
Human & Rat Ghrelin (17-28): <0.001%
Human & Rat CRF: <0.001%
Human & Rat glucagon: <0
Application media Plasma
Pre-analytical phase Blood collection with P-Hydroxymercuribenzoïc acid 1/5 dilution prior assay
Tracer label AChE®
Sample Volume 20 µl
Detection limit 0.3pg/mL
Standard curve range 2-250 pg/mL
Correlated Keywords spi-bio, acylated, immunoassays, obesity, growth, hormones, homeostasis, ligands, secretagogue, A05106, receptors, stomach, hypothalmic, spi-bio, spibio, A05106, adipokines

Acylated Ghrelin description

Ghrelin discovered in 1999, is fast becoming an endocrinology target of the millennium. Ghrelin, identified in rat stomach as an endogenous ligand for the GH secretagogue receptor, is mainly produced in stomach, but has been demonstrated in many other organs. In addition to GH-releasing properties and its orexant action, ghrelin could act as an hormone having effects on gastric motility (similarity with the peptide hormone motilin), acidic secretion, cardiovascular action, antiproliferative effects, pancreatic and glucose metabolism function, sleep... Ghrelin gene raises to mRNA prepro-ghrelin of 117 amino acids. This precursor is processed into ghrelin, 28 amino acids (human). Before being secreted, this peptide is octanoylated at Ser 3. This step is essential for biological activity. If the endogenous peptide appears directly related to feeding behaviour, the potential therapeutic importance of this hormone is not restricted to a regulator of food intake but also may be involved osteoporosis somatopaus, infertility and ovulation induction, and some cardiovascular diseases.

Acylated Ghrelin documentation

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Acylated Ghrelin articles

Compounds labelled by the acetylcholinesterase of Electrophorus Electricus. Its preparation process and it use as a tracer or marquer in enzymo-immunological determinations. Grassi J. & Pradelles Ph. United States patent, N° 1,047,330. September 1

acylated ghrelin

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